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Following the success of Alt Meadows, a large green infrastructure development in Croxteth, led by The Cass Foundation that turned a derelict wasteland into a functioning green corridor serving local Croxteth residents with increased opportunities for commuting, leisure and health, The Cass Foundation, in partnership with the newly formed Friends of Croxteth Greenspace then turned their attention to Dam Woods, a derelict woodland adjacent to Croxteth Park. This led to the Croxteth Community Path Link Project, also known as The Cowies.


In 2009, an alleyway linking Old Croxteth with Dam Woods, was closed by the council with the promise of a safe alternative path to be established. This alleyway was once an historic bridleway that had been encroached by modern housing development. The remaining route was badly planned, lacked natural surveillance and unsurprisingly attracted antisocial behaviour. This closure severed the link for over 400 people accessing one of the City’s finest greenspaces, Croxteth Country Park, it also meant access to Croxteth Park from old Croxteth involved a 3 mile circuitous trip along busy main roads, thereby limiting access for many.


Beginning in 2015, The Croxteth Path Link saw the creation of a 150m path, across an open field, leading to Dam Woods, which reduced the journey to the outskirts of the Country Park to metres instead of miles. The Cass Foundation led, delivered and collaborated on a host of engagement activities throughout the construction of the path, including a magical production of Midsummer Night’s Dream in the woods, to celebrate the grand opening and completion of the path in March 2017.

This project was complemented by the design, creation and installation of a steel artwork at the main entrance inspired by the art works of local participants, including residents, local schools and community groups.


The Croxteth Path Link, known locally as The Cowies, now reconnects the neighbouring community of Croxteth Park Estate with access to local services available in Old Croxteth, such as the Lifestyles Gym, Communiversity, the Library,, the Health Centre/Blood Clinic, local schools and additional commuter routes to Kirkby., Croxteth primary School and Our Lady of St Swithin’s Primary School.


The Path Link was developed by The Cass Foundation in partnership with The Friends of Croxteth Greenspaces, NSC Ltd and Liverpool City Council.