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Running through the heart of Toxteth, Windsor Street connects Central to South Liverpool from the historic site of the Anglican Cathedral to Princes Park. We believe it could be transformed into a safe, attractive and vibrant community space, giving a much needed boost to the regeneration of the local area.


Our vision is to re-cast the street as a connecting walkway, cycle way, playspace and dance hall - the Windsor Prom. We aim to encourage local people, voluntary organisations, schools and businesses to get involved in making a series of small, engaging changes that sow the seeds for larger, aspirational infrastructure projects to make the most of the wide nature and minimal traffic of the street.


The area, gravely affected by the riots in 1981, still carries the stigma of violence and crime, and health statistics are poor. Many of the diverse faith communities feel isolated and detached from the mainstream cultural life of Liverpool. With drastic cuts to youth services and social care budgets, there is a strong need for activities which bridge generational and cultural divides to engage people in making positive changes to their local environment. With several successful arts organisations and dedicated community groups based locally, there is the potential for a fragmented approach. The Windsor Prom project is designed to be catalytic in connecting efforts and plans in a convivial and playful way, before some of the larger scale developments due in 2016 and beyond.


The Cass Foundation will work with local residents, organisations and groups to transform neglected green and concrete spaces along the road by clearing rubbish, planting flowers and drawing street games. Then, working with Windsor Timbers and a small number of artists, we will hold some fun, community-building workshops in the summer of 2015 to make street furniture and to design 'parks on wheels'. The celebratory Prom event will also flag infrastructure solutions such as innovative lighting, cycling paths and renovation of run-down sites. We will take an asset-based approach to accentuate the view of the Cathedral and the Mersey, to promote community use of Firefit and Toxteth Library, and to partner with the development of Toxteth Food Central and Reservoir.




Windsor Street

Windsor Street